WIP Latino 7

America is a fleeting dream for immigrants, with or without papers. After 7 years in prison, Jonathan wants to get his life back. But instead of his family, friends, and fiancée, he finds betrayal, mistrust and a 6-year-old kid left alone after his illegal-immigrant mother vanishes.

After the 2005 solar eclipse, humanity started showing facial spotting. Spotted people are isolated from society. Only way to survive is escaping. 22 years later, a community manages to maintain themselves alive, carrying a nomad lifestyle. Lorna’s not spotted and wants to know what happens beyond

A group of men from an impoverished neighborhood creates a dance movement as a way of fulfilling the need to express themselves, while making community in one of Mexico's most violent places: Matamoros, Tamaulipas. This film portrays the M20 Dance and the complex life stories of this group of men, r


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