After witnessing the murder of her friend, Kenya, a trans woman sex worker, embarks on a path of struggle and search for justice that leads her to face the fear and pain of seeing herself reflected in that tragic ending.

Director: gisela delgadillo


Gisela Delgadillo is a photographer and audiovisual producer, with experience in documentary and journalistic research. In 2016 she entered the Master’s degree in Documentary Film at the National School of Cinematographic Arts where she began producing and directing her first documentary feature film “Kenya”.

She has worked as an audiovisual producer in the area of production and post-production of audiovisual materials in independent media, civil organizations and educational institutes. She has experience working in the field with vulnerable people, particularly with indigenous communities and people from the LGBTQI+ community. Since 2018 she began collaborating with the civil association Casa de las Muñecas Tiresias, A.C., founded by the trans activist Kenya Cuevas and is currently in the development stage of his second documentary feature film.

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Film Title: Kenya

Country  México

Year 2022

Runtime (in minutes) 88

Language Spanish

Subtitles (if available) English

Script / Director / Producer: Gisela Delgadillo

Cinematography: Gisela Delgadillo / Juan Nasra          / Sergio Silva

Editor / Colorist: Leandro Motta

Sound Design: Josué Vergara

Original Music: Josué Vergara / Juan Pablo Villa
Postproduction: Urdimbre Audiovisual / Mucho Films


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