Transcending Gender

A response to the short film “Imagine a Body” directed by Connor Lee O’Keefe

BY Sophia Bazini

“There’s this idea in sculpting where you take a chunk of wood and you carve away what’s not supposed to be there to reveal what should have been there the whole time. It’s a similar feeling. You start on this testosterone and suddenly it’s like ‘Oh there’s the person that was supposed to be there this whole time.’”

No matter who you are, humans are always carving something new out of themselves
As we live, we learn more about ourselves that we
We reveal more about ourselves
We cut into our identities
No matter who you are
You deserve to feel like you

It is time we all take a woodworking class
To find the inners of our present and pasts
To unapologetically unveil our true selves

“Letting go of the entire social premise of gender being related to body parts”
That is art

The film is asking you to imagine a body
Imagine a being that you love
It is the same person, same feelings
But they are more themselves then ever

In imagine a body
People are defining who they are
We see transgender in a whole new meaning
People transcending gender

Cassady López

Cassady López is a poet, writer, film enthusiast, sister and friend. She has performed and competed from the final stage at the Los Angels Get Lit Classic Slam to the Brave New Voices Slam stages. She writes and highlights subjects such as family, latinidad, homelessness and disability. She was born and raised in the desert and hopes to continue writing and creating with in her community


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