About Us

GLAFF seeks to identify, nurture and empower all generations of Latin-American and BIPOC filmmakers with an emphasis on the unification of creative minds and building bridges between the U.S. and Latin America. Our foundation is built on the diversity of language and culture.

GLAFF is a part of the University of Guadalajara, and education is at the heart of our existence. We intend to build programs for students and early career filmmakers that address the pipeline issue in Hollywood. We want our GLAFF community to feel represented and know that everyone has a voice.



The festival is a platform that gives the community the opportunity to tell history through their eyes. 

The GuadaLAjara Film Festival supports fundraising and charities. Every profit made in the box office will be donated to different organizations that contribute to the Latino community in the United States.

 For More Information: admin@glaff.org”





The Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) promotes Mexican and Ibero-American cinema, originating in 1986 and growing into Latin America’s largest film event. FICG showcases 280+ films from 45 countries, drawing 142,000+ attendees annually. Under Estrella Araiza’s direction, it emphasizes filmmaker education through programs like Talents Guadalajara and DocuLab, while also supporting social causes via premiere galas’ box office proceeds. FICG’s goal is global recognition for Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese films, with active filmmaker-audience interaction. Sponsored by entities including the University of Guadalajara and Mexican Film Institute, FICG remains dedicated to film education and societal impact.

The University of Guadalajara Foundation in the United States of America (UDG Foundation – USA) is an extension of Fundación Universidad de Guadalajara, A.C., and is made up of a number of prominent academic and social leaders. The Foundation works to attain private support from individuals, foundations and/or corporations in order to fulfill the mission and vision of the University of Guadalajara at Los Angeles

The University of Guadalajara, over two centuries old, is a major educational hub in Guadalajara and Jalisco, hosting 265,000+ students across diverse programs. It excels in human resources, scientific advancements, and cultural enrichment for Mexico’s western region. With a commitment to social betterment through education, it prioritizes impactful research, sustainability, inclusivity, and social justice. Globally recognized, the university pioneers innovative approaches for societal development.

The Grodman Legacy is an academic fund donated by Dr. Pyrrha Gladys Grodman, for the promotion of education and the arts for Jalisco’s youth through scholarships as well as academic, cultural and artistic activities in Mexico and the United States


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